Answers to frequently asked questions

Where does the name Zzing come from?

Well, there's no big story behind that - Zzing is a thing so it's a Zzing.

What if there is not enough room for a mounting on my handle bar?

Instead of attaching your Zzing to your handle bar you could also carry it in any bar bag or bottle cage. If you would like to get a Zzing without a mounting, please let us know and save EUR 4,--.

Is there any speed limit for the use of Zzing?

You can go as fast as 100 km/h with Zzing, if you can go that fast ;-) It depends on the type of your hub generator how much energy will be produced. Usually the minimum velocity needed is about 15 km/h.

Would it be possilbe to remove the charged batteries for usage with my sat nav e.g.?

To guarantee failsave functioning we are using a soldered battery pack with Zzing. Because of this it is not possible to remove single battery cells, but you can always charge AA or AAA cells using a USB-Stick charger. Those sticks fit into the USB-Connector of Zzing and are listed with accessories in our shop.

Can I change the battery pack?

Of course you can replace the battery pack easily on your own. You can purchase a replacement battery pack in our shop.

How do I know if Zzing can be used to charge my gear?

Connect your gear to your PC using any fitting USB-cable. Given that your gear can be charged by your PC it will work with Zzing as well. There is a wide variety of adapter cables available - some of them can be purchased in our shop.

Is it possible to use Zzing with a tire driven dynamo?

Yes, it is possible. Nevertheless you should disconnect your light while using Zzing, otherwise most of the energy will be consumed by the light. However we don't recommend the usage of a tire driven dynamo, because of the increased wear off of your tires and effort riding your bike.

Is Zzing waterproof?

Though Zzing can stand some raindrops, it isn't completely waterproof due to the necessary openings for the connectors. If it's raining, you should keep Zzing in your bar bag. Instead of a bar bag you could also use a small plastic bag.

Does Zzing provide a 5 volts voltage even with the internal battery pack?

Yes, Zzing works with an internal 6 volts battery pack. That's why the electronic of Zzing can provide a stable 5 volts until the batteries are completely discharged.

Can I charge Zzing via power supply?

Zzing can be charged with any power supply having 9 to 12 volts, a maximum rating of 500 mA and a common 3.5 mm phone jack. You can purchase a fitting power supply in our shop.